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Designing New Products

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Welcome to my jewellery business blog, where I talk all things Rhian Kate

Today I'll be talking about what goes into designing a new product range.

If you didn't know by. now I'm Rhian the designer maker, the CEO and everything that goes into running Rhian Kate. Some of it is an absolute joy like the designing and making part the admin side- not so much but sometimes you have to do that to do the bit you enjoy!

So let's talk designing. When I want to start a new collection I usually take inspiration from shapes and all things celestial and start doodling to see what I come up with, most of these deigns don't even get made but it's good to just get them out of your brain! Some designs you just take inspiration from to get the end result- a piece of jewellery. It's defiantly okay to not love everything you design!

Everyone designs differently you just have to find your way!

For me the magic happens when I start making, this is the part that I truly love as I may start off with one shape and I love to explore how far I can push that one design. Do I add more shapes? Do I add a stone? I call it 'having a play' because sometimes something that looks beautiful in your head, you make it and it really doesn't look as good as you thought it would so you change it, keep pushing the design to see what you like about it what don't you like, what if you move it to a different angle how does it look then? It's such a joy to see a design come to life.

"I love to explore how far I can push that one design."

Currently I'm in the mist of designing my new collection, I feel so excited by it because I know I want to have them all! When designing something it becomes a part of you because it's come from your brain, your hands so when others love what you've done it's truly special. Many makers will tell you if you don't love making it, it quickly becomes a chore and it's hard to produce something that doesn't bring you joy. I want to design and make items that I really would like to wear myself, there are exceptions for instance I'm a bigger earring wearer, small studs aren't really for me but I make them because I know others like small studs but I do enjoy making them so its a balance (and I probably would still wear them).

Have you thought how you would design something?

If you'd love to see the new collection check out it out here

If you're designing something just enjoy the process and allow yourself to explore all possibilities. Learn from the failings, that where you grow!

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