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Marble Surface

We're always working on ways we can be better for the environment and as a business we feel it's important to try and limit our impact on the environment. We still have progress to be made and we are open to suggestions on how we can do better, we are activity researching ways we can be more environmentally friendly so any feedback is welcomed 

We send our parcels in a jiffy green envelope that is paper filled rather than bubble lined. We also use environmentally friendly tape to secure the parcel 

The jewellery comes in boxes. The boxes themselves can be recycled but the foam insert can not which is something we're working on. We always welcome you to re-use your box where you can

We try to use recycled materials where possible, we are slowly moving over to eco silver and are always looking for recycled metal suppliers. We try to avoid waste where possible so we will melt down un-used metal to make something else

Our hair pins come in a cotton draw string pouch, no plastic is used in packaging the hair pins. The pouches can be used to keep your hair pins safe when not in use or easily re-used.

We reuse packaging where possible, for example we will re-use cardboard boxes for wholesale orders, any that we can't re-use we either recycle or give to other local businesses who can 

We get get our materials from companies that are in the UK this is to help reduce emissions and support the British economy 

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