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Rhian Kate was set up in late 2016 by the designer and maker Rhian Morris. Rhian has a real passion for jewellery making she shows this by exploring new ways to make unique contemporary jewellery. The jewellery is handmade with inspiration from the moon the solar system and geometric shapes. The signature products being the ‘Moons’ which are made from pewter, each piece has a completely unique texture. Having handmade is something that is really important to Rhian and trying to be more sustainable where we can that's why all the jewellery will always be paired with sterling silver findings and chains.


Something here at Rhian Kate we truly believe in is how we use what we wear to express who we are, quite often we do it subconsciously, we all have that outfit that makes us feel good, the outfit that makes us feel comfortable. We are all unique and we're all drawn to different items that's why here at Rhian Kate we want to help you express yourself through jewellery.  Jewellery is a way of showing who you are, weather you want subtle or weather you want to make a statement, you choose what you wear you, you choose who you are.

Tinymoon earrings.jpg
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