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How to look after you Rhian Kate jewellery


Pewter is naturally a grey colour so when it darkens you can embrace the colour or shine it up with soapy water and a cloth 


When silver isn't worn it darkens- it 'oxides' and when it oxidises it's easily cleaned up with a silver polishing cloth or silver dip. We recommend having a silver polishing cloth anyway to keep your jewellery looking at it's best (not just your Rhian Kate jewellery) 


Brass will darken, how long it takes depends on how it reacts with how it's worn, with different people's skin it will depend on how quickly it darkens. You can easily clean up brass with soapy water and a dry towel or use a silver polishing cloth. 

We recommend 

We recommend you avoid spraying perfume on your jewellery, this will help your jewellery keep it's colour longer. Taking your jewellery off before sleeping will help stop any damages to your jewellery 


Copper naturally will darken, you can either choose to embrace it or it can be cleaned up with silver dip if you have some, a silver polishing cloth will help to make it shinny again


These items won't need cleaning but if they have gotten a little grubby some water and a cloth would be fine to use on the acrylic  

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